Zentangle for a Zaturday

Love to play with the patterns! For this piece there are specific objects depicted.  Can you identify any of the elements?  A Positive Negative All Embossed Up The Original Reflecting A Glowing Reflection table, tr, td, li, p, div {font-family:Papyrus; color:000000; font-size:15px;}.btext {font-family:Papyrus; color:000000; font-size:15px;}.blacktext10 {font-family:Papyrus; color:000000; font-size:15px;}.blacktext12 {font-family:Papyrus; color:000000; font-size:15px;}.lightbluetext8 {font-family:Papyrus; color:000000; font-size:15px;}.orangetext15 {font-family:Papyrus; … Continue reading Zentangle for a Zaturday