How to decorate a Cool2Cast dragonfly tile

Thanks to Tiffany Windsor for sending me some great precast Cool2Cast tiles to work with.  Materials Used: Cool2Cast tile Ann Butler Designs Unity faux-quilting stampsDecoArt  Cool White acrylic paintAdirondack alcohol inksRub n BuffHero Arts stampStazon black inkMichaels mini alpha stampsGlossy Accents I first did an ‘underpainting’ of red, orange and purple alcohol ink, including the … Continue reading How to decorate a Cool2Cast dragonfly tile

Have you heard about mul-tex™? New Craft Product!

Using alcohol inks and my Cuttlebug, I was able to transform a plain sheetof mul-tex™  into a functional clutch! Being on the C&T Publishing Creative Troupe has MANY advantages.  One of them is being one of a select few who get to see and experiment with new products before they come to market. mul-tex™ Craft Pack Laminated … Continue reading Have you heard about mul-tex™? New Craft Product!

Announcing: SassyLassy Canvas Creations!

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