How to decorate a Cool2Cast dragonfly tile

Thanks to Tiffany Windsor for sending me some great precast Cool2Cast tiles to work with.  Materials Used: Cool2Cast tile Ann Butler Designs Unity faux-quilting stampsDecoArt  Cool White acrylic paintAdirondack alcohol inksRub n BuffHero Arts stampStazon black inkMichaels mini alpha stampsGlossy Accents I first did an ‘underpainting’ of red, orange and purple alcohol ink, including the … Continue reading How to decorate a Cool2Cast dragonfly tile

Instant Stamps

In my ever-present quest for new ways to save money whilst crafting (by re-using, recycling and re-purposing items around the house)…   here is my latest instalment featuring QUICK and EASY ways to create stamps to add interest to your paper craft projectsHeavy, high-density Styrofoam packaging is a great material to use.Today I am using a Styrofoam-type material that was … Continue reading Instant Stamps

Birthday Card Guys Will Like, Too

I wanted to take advantage of the ‘Fall’ colours but not make something ‘seasonal’ because I don’t really have a demand for Halloween or Thanksgiving-themed cards.Here is my take on a neutral card using the beautiful umbers,bronze,copper, and pumpkin families. What was involved?Cardstock –WAMK pumpkin 12″ square folded in quartersMosaic – I used the NEGATIVE … Continue reading Birthday Card Guys Will Like, Too

ROBI@NITE May 26, 2011

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